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   Educational Visits and Activities


Practitioners plan educational visits and activities that support the children’s learning.  We give details of these visits and activities to parents during each term.  


We plan other activities as the nursery year progresses, and inform parents of these in due course.  Visits and activities usually take place within the nursery day.  We follow the LEA’s guidelines relating to health and safety:


We get written permission for all children to take part in any activity that takes children off the nursery site.  If we do not receive this written permission, the child will be unable to participate.


Our ratio when out in public:


1-2 year olds is 1:2

2-3 year olds is 1:4

3-5 year olds is 1:4




See Gallery Pictures: Library, Shops, Fun Factory, Zoo and Theatre

Educational Visits & Activities

Please feel free to contact us to setup a time when you can come tour our facility and meet our staff. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

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