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At Sunnyside Nursery we recognise that each child is different, with his/her own interests, abilities and developing view of the world. We respect the many different forms of family life that children may experience as well as their social and cultural backgrounds.  Therefore, from the induction process we begin to work in partnership with parents to develop the best programme of learning & support for their child's overall development.


We adopt the philosophy that children learn through play.  Therefore, during each session, children aged from 1 to 4 years will have time to fully explore their learning area during free-play.  Children are supported to develop independence to select various activities of their choice whilst being fully supervised.  Each key person supports their group to explore each area, developing their understanding and increasing their knowledge.

As we are aware that children of different ages have different needs, we have organised our setting to meet those needs.  This allows each child to prosper in a healthy and secure atmosphere; experiencing age-specific learning.


The Rooms are setup as below:-
















General Daily Routine


Welcome and Registration – During this time children are greeted by staff and self-register themselves by placing their name tag onto the ‘registration tray’. Children are then encouraged to sit together welcoming one another through song and gesture.  Children are reminded of their ‘Golden Rules’ and encouraged to display good behaviour and gain ‘Achievement Rewards’ for their class chart.  



Child Initiated Activities and Adult Initiated Activities - Children have access to toys and resources of their choice during free play.  Afterward children are then gathered together in their key groups.  Key persons encourage children to participate and engage them in activities based on their individual interests.  Children are involved in helping to tidy up after all activities.



Exploring Outdoors & Play - Children are encouraged to explore the outdoor environment.  Adults interact with children’s play including games, dance, movement and exercise.  



Snack Break – Children are encouraged and/or supported to participate in snack preparation and to serve themselves, whilst the key person engages them in conversation of interest.  Snack break is flexible for all children.  



Carpet Time – Children are brought together to enjoy a range of activities such as stories, songs and group discussion reflecting upon the session’s activities.  Children say goodbye for the day before being collected by parents.

Our Nursery

Sweet Peas







      Play Area

Babies & Toddlers

2-3 Year Old Children

3-4 Year Old Children

Please feel free to contact us to setup a time when you can come tour our facility and meet our staff. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

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