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Parental Testimonies



“I am very happy with the care and learning that Kyron is receiving from all the staff at the nursery.  Kyron is progressing well.”

Lisa, Mother of Kyron



“I am really happy with this nursery, I can see my child is making good progress and enjoys his time spent at nursery and I really appreciate it.”

Anna, Parent of Nathaniel



“I am very happy how Hussain has settled in nursery.  He enjoys it and his speech has improved a lot.  Thank you for all you do.”

Mariam, Parent of Hussain



“I am very happy, with all the staff and setting in general and Myah really enjoys all her friends and everyone here.  Thank you.”

Kirstie-Leigh Mother of Myah.



“I am so happy with my child's progress and can see positive changes and his ability of learning new things is increasing day by day.”




“I am very impressed with the preschool, Aayan loves talking about his time there and as parents we can see the improvement.”

Md Asker Father of Aayan.



“I think Sunnyside is contributing greatly to my child's learning.  He enjoys his time at Sunnyside.  I find the staff very helpful and friendly.  Well done to Sunnyside.”

Anonymous parent



“Ryan enjoys Sunnyside very much. I am pleased with the nursery; staffs are very supportive and helpful.  I feel relaxed and comfortable sending him here.  Thanks to all the staff at Sunnyside.”  

Rifat, Mother of Ryan



“My boys are showing great improvements and I am happy with the work and support provided by all the staff at Sunnyside nursery.”

Jacqueline, Mother of Noel and Joel.

Parental Testimonies

Please feel free to contact us to setup a time when you can come tour our facility and meet our staff. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

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