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Parental Testimonies



"Since my son has been going to Sunnyside, I have seen so much improvements in all areas of his learning and they are also helping him in becoming much more independent. The staff are always so friendly and he adores them all! The nursery itself is very stimulating and and have various facilities for all the children. Would highly recommended!"  -

Afshana, Mother of Zachariah 



"All four of my children attended this nursery.  I am very happy with the progress my children have made at Sunnyside" - Shagufta Mother of Mohsin



"The nursery is very accommodating to my child’s needs, my son absolutely loves it here and actually cries to come to nursery.  He has flourished and grown so much in the last 2 years, more so because he enjoys every moment of his time at Sunnyside.  I would recommend the nursery to those currently looking"  -

Rema, Mother of Adam



"Both my daughters have attended Sunnyside Nursery which they have both loved.  The staffs are amazing, friendly and very caring.  The staff put so much effort and love into playing, teaching and building the children’s confidence.  Both my daughters have had a great time at Sunnyside and we will miss the nursery when my daughter moves on to Reception this year.  I would happily recommend Sunnyside to anyone looking for a caring, supportive and educational environment for their child" -

Mother of Aisha H



"I am very happy that Maja is attending Sunnyside Nursery and I am so pleased that Maja has started pick up the English language very quickly"  -

Ewelina Mother of Maja



"I am very happy that both my daughters are attending the nursery and I can see good progress in their English language and numeracy. They participate in a lot of fun activities" Thank You. -

Anca Mother of Sofia and Daria



"I feel my child is doing well at nursery, always looking forward to going.  My child is making good progress in her speech within a few weeks of attending.  I appreciate the support given by the staff for toilet training"   -

Sonia, Mother of Shanza

Parental Testimonies

Please feel free to contact us to setup a time when you can come tour our facility and meet our staff. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

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